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Newsroom 360

This top-to bottom assessment is like a health checkup for your newsroom or news collaborative. It includes one-on-one interviews with staff, content and document reviews, meeting observations, and relevant research.


360s can be customized to focus on your organization's greatest needs, including strategy, structure, staffing, content, workflow, ethics, and morale.​ You'll leave with a report and detailed recommendations to help your news organization achieve its goals.

Strategic Planning

Facilitated group discussions help your news staff hone in on mission, identify strengths and weaknesses, select topical and geographical coverage priorities, and decide what not to do so they can focus on their goals.


Often combined with a 360, this process kick-starts your news organization's strategic planning process. It's also a great teambuilding opportunity -- some clients have used these sessions as part of their staff retreats.


Workshops in editing, story conception, and news management build skill sets and confidence.

One-on-one coaching and advising sessions provide individualized support for news managers and station leaders and for independents in journalism who need help navigating the wild world of self-employment.

Start-to-finish story editing ensures top notch journalism for your audience.

journalism consulting

Smelser E&C is open to all your journalism-related needs - from help with ethics and editorial integrity policies, to crisis coverage planning, to building a newsroom or a regional news collaboration entirely from scratch.


Reach out with your specific needs, and let's talk!


Packages can be customized for any budget according to your needs. 

Bringing in an outsider to facilitate the [strategic planning] group meeting and individual meetings was really important. It allowed me to think and listen without having to manage the discussion.


Brent Wolfe, News Director, WUNC

Judith came in and helped us refine our goals and plan to reach them. During a two-day workshop, Judith led us to identify our roadblocks and structure our priorities. In a time between news directors, this was essential to continuing to bring quality news to our region. 

Ele Ellis, Content Manager, WUWM
Commenting on Smelser's work with her former newsroom at WKSU

The best editor I've ever worked with, and I've worked with quite a few!

Vivian Goodman, former Reporter/Producer, WKSU



Consulting rates were quite reasonable given the amount of support we received.

Stephen Williams, GM, WMUK

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