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For months after leaving WMFE, I had this voice in my head that asked, "What would Judith say about this?" You can put that voice in your head, too.

-David Pitman, Morning Edition Host, KUHF Houston



Series Planning and Editing

Colorado Votes: 2012 Election Coverage

Colorado Public Radio

Coordinated campaign and election coverage and edited many of the pieces; planned and produced live Election Night special.




Lucia's Letter


2011 Peabody Award winner




Flood Leaves Many Colorado Immigrants Homeless and Paperless

2013 Regional Murrow Award Winner

September 19, 2013

Colorado Public Radio


The Making of the Disease Detectives, or the Case of the Nutty Dish

August 25, 2014

PRX STEM Project, Philip Graitcer


Charleston Animal Shelter Drastically Reduces Euthanasia

August 14, 2014

West Virginia Public Broadcasting


Carrollton a Different Place, 3 Years After Fracking Boom

August 14, 2014



Classic French Cuisine in Shaker Heights is Cooked and Served by Ex-Convicts

January 10, 2014



Denver Kids Get Away with Death Threats, Teachers Say

May 16, 2013

Colorado Public Radio




PRNDI News Manager Training & Certification

June 18-19, 2014

PRNDI Conference, NPR Washington


PRNDI Webinar: “Lead Writing 101: It Doesn’t Matter What You Say if Nobody’s Listening”

March 31, 2011



Live Coverage
Live Special on Final Space Shuttle Launch: NPR and WMFE


Quick Turn Piece
NASA Scrubs Shuttle Launch: NPR

This was reported, edited, and produced in less than three hours for NPR’s All Things Considered.


Hotels Take New Tack to Lure Convention Goers: NPR

Hallelujah! Holy Land Park Offers Free Day: Marketplace

Piece starts at timecode 4:20


Space Jobs Scarce for Laid-Off Shuttle Workers: WMFE


Orlando Drops Efforts to Move Homeless Shelter out of Parramore: WMFE

I was the first to break this story, after several years reporting on homelessness.




​Special Program

Final Flight



Talk Show

Intersection: Osama Bin Laden, Casey Anthony Jury Costs, and Bluegrass


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